Risperdal Dosage

risperdal dosageRisperdal dosage is used in treatment of schizophrenia (forms of brain disorder that affects the way a person think, act, and sees the world.). Sometimes it is combined with other drugs to treat bipolar problems. More so, it is used in treatment of irritability caused by autistic disorder in teenagers and children. This is a drug from the family of Risperidone drugs

Is Risperdal dosage equal for everybody?

1. You should not take Risperdal if you are allergic to it or any other form of tranquillizer.

2. It should not be taken by elderly people to treat memory loss as it may lead to; heart failure, sudden death or pneumonia.

3. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. A research done on animals showed that Risperdal drug may have adverse effect to the embryo and the infant thus is highly recommended to be administered by family doctor to the named group of persons.

Usual Risperdal Dosage

1. In treatment of irritability caused by autistic disorder, the doctor will prescribe accordingly your Risperdal dosage.

2. For bipolar issues the following dosage should be followed:

  • Adults: A starting dose of 2-3mg given per day as a single dose. Your doctor will gradually increase your dose as required to achieve the optimal effect.
  • Children 10-17 years: The starting dose is 0.5mg per day given as a single dose.

3. In treatment of schizophrenia, adults can take full dose or divide it into parts to be taken after intervals. The recommended dosage per day is 2mg per day. For the teenagers, the initial dose is 0.5mg per day.

How to measure Risperdal dosage?

Risperdal drugs are normally found in tablet form. They are taken like normal medicines but one may prefer to mix them with any compatible drink. Compatible drinks to be taken with this medicine are:

Water, coffee, fruit juice and low fat milk. The incompatible drinks are; tea, cola and any alcoholic drink.

Co-administration of Risperdal drugs with other medicine may lead to low concentration of risperdrone (the active ingredient in Risperdal drugs) thus making it ineffective to the patient.

Side effect of Risperdal wrong dosage

  1. Fever, muscle stiffness, uneven heartbeat, sweating and confusion.
  2. Restless muscle movement in the following areas eye, jaw, mouth or neck.
  3. Drooling and uncontrolled shaking.
  4. Convulsions.
  5. Nosebleed and difficulty in swallowing.
  6. White patches inside the patient’s mouth.
  7. Abnormal erection that last for more than 3 hours.
  • You should get emergency medical attention if you experience any of the above listed symptoms.
  • Caution taken when one is on medication

When on Risperdal medication it should be noted that one should:

  • You become more sensitive when you are on medication. Avoid getting too much cold, too hot or dehydrated. Take plenty of fluids during hot weather or during an exercise.
  • The drug may impair your vision hence it is recommended not to drive after you have taken Risperdal drug. Taking alcohol can increase the side effect of this medicine.

What to do incase of an overdose?

Seek emergency medical attention or call the poison department.

Incase of an overdose; symptoms are as follows:

1. Drowsiness.
2. Fast heartbeat.
3. Feeling light-headed.
4. Fainting.

It should be noted that Risperdal is a drug and it should be stored just like any other drug.

Risperdal in pill or Injection?

Take Risperdal Dosage seriously…

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